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Hi 🙂

Can you people give me some good payware sites (I remember one with demo's but I can't remember the site)

I am new to this game and I like it (I fly with mouse yoke)
Another question, How do I fly from one location to the next (I don't know where to go)

Thank you, Hope you have a nice day 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

This is our payware site.

You should get a joystick, I think you'd enjoy flying much more.
As for where to fly, let your imagination take you from one place to another, the world is yours.
If you get some new scenery you can fly from home base and go see how your scenery looks.

Start with lessons in a single engine aircraft, once you learn how to takeoff and land you can move up to the big Iron.
Enjoy yourself.


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