Flyaway, if you're back from Germany...maybe you could help!

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Hello Flyaway. How was Rammstein? I'm jealous. 😳's the scoop.
I got a gift certificate for for Christmas, so I ordered a bunch of CD's Not least of which was a good collection of Heino!!!

As it turned out, i accidentally ordered 2 Reise, Reise CD's. I got the *other* one today. My question for you is this...Do I have a special edition/how could i tell.

This is what the CD i originally got looks like

It has the normal white stripes like you'd see in any Reise Reise CD, and it's a light orange color. On the back, the track list "Tag" is small, and is just above a weird battery type thing. On the inside jacket, when I remove the CD, there's what looks like a audio tape behind it. Which explains the "Flight Recorder" thing.
I noticed while listening to the CD, that before Reise, Reise song starts, they have a "Plane crash" type of sound.

In the other CD case, its a reddish color, there's less "Airplane damage holes" and no battery, as well as no audio tape.

the second one i got shipped from Czek republic, first one i guess was imported and shipped from florida.

Do I have a special edition? or no

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