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Saving Memory or FSX program improvement

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Gary Quigley (GaryQ) Trainee

Hi Gang and Radar Man,
My question, - - in the original download of FSX, and in many Aircraft add-on downloads there are usually several textures of the base model. If I choose to delete some textures, for example, 3 of the Cessna 172's, 4 of the Moody's, and so on, will I save an appreciable amount of memory or improve anything, or do multiple textures have little affect on program improvement ??
Thank you, Gary Q.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

There shouldn't be a problem with multiple textures.
I know people with over 100 gigs in FSX and it works fine.


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Gary Quigley (GaryQ) Trainee

OK - 😀 and thank you Radar Man.

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