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Hi All,
Does anyone here use "Sweetfx" with FSX? If so, what version of FSX will this work?

I have been trying to get this to work on my fresh install of FSX Acceleration Pack, but have failed on all accounts.

What I've done:

I have install it with the Configuration install started the FlightFX, got the FSX in the profiles, turned off all the effects in FlightFX. Then with "sweetfx enabled" I click on the FSX to start the sim. I get the start picture of FSX then It crashes before I get the interface.

When I turn off the "SweetFX Enabled" FSX starts normally, but with no effects (as I have turned them off)

Then I turn the "SweetFX enabled" back on, with no change. I thought, maybe I need to switch off the effect settings in a cfg file and checked the fsx.cfg and found no setting for the AA (this is unchecked in FSX and saved as a startup flight).

I then copied the SweetFX files and folder into FSX folder, tried again, same scenario. I have to turn off the "SweetFX Enabled" to get the FSX started.

I'm missing something, but I haven't a clue what it can be. If you would be so kind as to help me, I would gladly appreciate it.

I have seen stunning Pictures and videos about this software and would like to try it myself.

On most of the forum's I Have visited They all say "SweetFX won't work anymore". I haven't got to work once yet. There must be something wrong with my settings, but I don't know what.

Please please help


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I never heard of it but they look like they can help you here.

Let us know how you do.
Good luck with it.


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Hi Radar,

Sorry about the before post, didn't realize till after I uploaded that my nick was missing. Embarassed

The link you mentioned was one of the forums I read through, but it seems to me I'm the only one that can't get the SweetFX to work with FSX. There are some threads that mention an error of some sort, but none of them had trouble getting FSX to start with the "Sweetfx enable" on.

I have been studying more forums, like I have been doing for the last two weeks, and I have just about given up. I'm not one to give up easy, so as a last resort I am asking here although I have search through this forum and no mention of FSX problems with SweetFX anywhere (according to the search).

It is a graphics issue and because it hasn't been mentioned here, is
1) nobody has heard of it.
2) Those who installed it had no trouble at all.

which doesn't help me much either way.

If I could contact someone who has FSX and SweetFX working together maybe I'll find out what I'm doing wrong.

Who knows? I might have to add a line in a config file or something of the sort......

Thanks anyway for the reply



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I thought the designer of the add-on was there, but that was a while back.
Why not uninstall it, clean it out with Revo uninstaller and see if a reinstall of it works.
Delete your FSX.CFG while your at it, there may have been a change made to that too.


Mealone Guest

First of all my good friend Radar, I wish you and all visitors to the forum

A Very Happy New Year.

I have good news about the SweetFX, I did get it started in FSX. Although the forums informed me to disengage the AA in the game. They didn't mention the AA in the GPU config.

You see Geforce have auto settings for certain games found on the drive (in my case it was FSX) in there I needed to set the antialiasing to none or off in the GPU control panel. After restarting my computer, activating the FlightFX and starting FSX I saw the changes made. Once setup you don't need the FlightFX to start, unless you need to make more changes. 👍 I do recommend it.

After finally setting the screen to how I like it, I then saved the settings. Then I tested the other settings aswell.

SweetFX is a addon and helps you make changes to the in-game graphics. It's Like when you take a photo and it has red-eye or too dark you can adjust the settings to make the colors stand-out or brightness/contrast/hue to make you adventure more realistic. You don't even have to be a specialist either,
anyone can do it. 👏

So, now that task has been completed I'm now ready. 2014 has only just begun and I wish you all the best for the new year. 🍻


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What a wonderful start to the new year for you.
Have a Happy New Year!


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