ra5cupx3 Vigilante

Jughead Guest

Am using FSX Gold with AP.

File is ra5-cupx3 (Vigilante)

Download installed fine. Beautiful model. Flies great, but lacks
about 4 gauges, including altimeter and gyro horizon.
Suspect this has to do with the last instruction in the readme,
which states "copy the .cab files from the default aircraft panel folders
that have them to the main FS gauges folder, if you have not already
done so".

Where are the "default" aircraft panel folders?

Maybe I would have them if I had upgraded from FS2004, but I didn't, and can't find them.

Appreciate any help.

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All the folders can be found at:
Start/ computer/ "C"/ Program Files (86)/ Microsoft Games/ Microsoft Flight Simulator X/

Good luck and let us know how you do.


jughead Guest

Thank you for the prompt reply. Afraid I'm still lost.

Under c: program files (x86)/ Microsoft Games/ Microsoft Flight Simulator/ I find 23 folders beginning with "add on-scenery" and ending with " sound". One of the folders is "gauges". However, I find nothing that seems to match the description of "panel folders" having .cab files. Whereas there is the gauge folder, there are no "panel folder or folders"; although some individual aircraft, such as the Beechcraft Baron have individual .cab files; nevertheless these appear to be specific to the named aircraft.

Could you describe for me specifically what I'm looking for in the /Microsoft Flight Simulator/ file that the download Read Me described as "panel Folders"?

My version of FSX Gold was installed from the box, and I don't have reason to believe anything is missing from the /Microsoft Simulator/ file. My other downloads-Goshawk, T33, A1, and Embraer Tucano- all have full panels and work fine, as do the Hornet and other aircraft that came in the box.


thanks for the help

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The panel folder or just panels should be in the default folders
The default folders are the ones that came with the install of FSX.
They are the aircraft that Microsoft gave you to start off.
Copy those to the main (default) gauge folder as the read-me says.
If you should still have problems email the designer, tell him you don't understand but would love to have his aircraft, can he send copies to you.
Mose designers are very nice that way.


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