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Hello to all,
First of all, before you start writing your question, I tell you that I'm Italian so sorry for my English but use a translator.
Well, my problem is that if I install an aerial or better amount in the folder (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Games \ Microsoft Flight Simulator X De3mo \ SimObjects \ airplanes Once imported the table the plane did not check. .
I had WIndows 7 and everything functioned better as long as I formatted my computer and there was an update, including here I have installed the Windows 8 operating system!
Now I show you on the screen what I said ..:


Well, Respond as soon as possible Thank you all!

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1-There is a box in the menu that shows the aircraft that says "show all variations".
Put a checkmark in that box.

2- Using the window at the top of the aircraft on the same page (menu) scroll through all the aircraft, sometimes they are listed under a different name.
I hope your translator works well. I would have done it but I don't know what language you speak.
Good luck and let us know how it works.


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Hello, Yes I use the google translator, however, believe me translate them just because the answers she indicated corresponded to better ..
But no, it does not work [URL] [URL] Here is a screen .. This means "Show all variations" ..

If perhaps you have skype me to contact her or so help me with Team Viewer ..
I hope to be her was nice .. To you!

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Ths screenshot doesn't work either.
They are free and easy to post.
I don't have Skype on this machine, so we will use this forum.


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Ok .. Let me return the screenshots, however it annoys me to register on photobucket .. you send them on

Here it means "Show all variations" ... Well maybe if you know help me .. I'll send you other screen:
  Here's quest and the folder Where are the planes .. The top 5 are the main ones from After setting (Flight Simulator X) and the ones below are the ones imported from me!

Here, you screenno One Mo in The Game:

Here, Help me thank you!

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Free filight menu.
Vlick on change, at the bottom is the "show all variations box that should have a checkmark in it.

When looking for the aircraft the top 3 boxes should say all all all.
Then you can use the down arrow to see what you have under another name.
You have both of these right.

The ones that you put in aren't aircraft they are textures.
That means that are just a new airline paint to add to whatever aircraft you already have, it's also the wrong way to see them.
Get rid of them.
Tell me what aircraft you want and I'll find a full one for you.
Put it in the place that you showed me in the second screenshot.
the first screenshot didn't work but the other two did and that is a big help.

Once you get one into the Sim then you will know how to do the rest.


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