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I have the CH Yoke now for fs and I thought it was enough until I took a real flying leson and learned how much more pilots use the rudder. I was looking into getting the CH rudder pedals, but I would want to know how to install it. Do you need the CD that came with the yoke that lets you customize your controls?...becuase I looked at that program and it was very confusing. Or do you just plug it in and flight simulator recognizes that you want to use the yoke as well as the pedals. Does anybody have the CH pedals/yoke? Thanks

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I just plugged them in and was good to go. I then just set it up in FS9.
They work great!!

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Hi there, Yes the pedals should be automatically picked up by windows (depending on what O/S you have) but you can download the latest drivers for both pedals and yoke i think from I have the yoke which has boosted the realism factor for me by ten fold, the pedals will be next. If you have windows XP and you purchase the USB versions of both yoke and pedals, it's simply plug in and play.

If you aint got the yoke, get one. You wont be dissapointed, and it makes you wanna fly all the time.



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