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Just ran into a massive issue. Ready to pull my hair out.

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Nick (truckernick) Captain

Just redid my OS today and installed fsx and all my scenery.
Then I installed LatinVFR Cuzco, and this is where everything went wrong. I installed it and went to start FSX and it stops responding, so I then firgure the problem is with Cuzco, so I then uninstalled it and all of the sudden my FSX links are dead, try to start from the fsx folder and it tells me fsx.exe is not a valid win32 application? What the **** does that mean? I'm 150% sure Cuzco caused all of this, because it worked perfect before I installed it.
What can I do here? I really don't want to go through the process of reinstalling the game again. Also tried a system restore to go back an hour but that did not work.

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Nick (truckernick) Captain

So I did a repair with the CD, and now the icons do start FSX, but it doesn't get passed the start screen, I think it has something to do with whatever Watson Client is.

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If you can't get passed the start screen delete the log file and see if that helps.


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Nick (truckernick) Captain

I appreciate your help but I figured it out, it's working perfect now. I read something about renaming the fsx.cfg to fsxbak.cfg, it actually worked.

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