Opensky 777-200 download will not show up in FSX

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I have followed instructions to download, but it will not show up in my list of airplanes. I followed the 4 step instructions. ❓

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Check and see if it's listed in the menu under a different name.

Also when you get to the menu to choose your aircraft make sure that the "show all variations" box is checked.


gerry56 Guest

Me again still hangn around, I downloaded this plane and it does show up in my files just no plane, it does state in the readme that it may not work even if you have the fsx with the acceleration and the sp2, it is a plane for the 2004 fs, what can you do to adapt over to the fsx? maybe that might work. I do have the opensky 737 which works great, is it possible that some files are identical and over ride each other?

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Unless you can design aircraft you won't be able to port it over to FSX.

How about this one and don't forget to get the fix.


Fix for above aircraft.


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