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I have most of the version of MS FS but I still think FSX is best (at the moment) I have a new Lenovo Laptop.. Yup me wife has RETIRED AND PURCHASED ONE TO STOP ME MOANING (Sorry for shouting - I get a lot so used to it)

With the new Windows 8.1 all seems ok I have to drop various bits and bob's into the X86 directory.... But my comment is windows 8.1 appears to grasp what a Computers video card is and how to use it.

Like I said I am new.. plse all don't diss me just yet. (Got the diss comment from my 28 year old son).

I was tempted to remove win 8.1 and revert to 7 or Vista or ultra but even then I did find that 2004 and earlier versions still suffered from graphic problems.

I will accept there are probably others out there who's wifes have not retired and don't have a new toy... But. My that was always my complaint I have always found microsofts operating system the problem its connection with the hardware not the simulator they produced.

Anyway.. got me hoody on so any flack I'll try not to see it coming.

Started on PDP11 PL1 Cobol Fortran... Just short of 60 .. and I was called a kid then...

Regards All. Dave

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I'm not sure why that doesn't work other people have told me that it gets locitaon updates but they are about a minute apart. We've set the OzRunways app to accept only high-accuracy fixes from the iPad. The internal Apple software works out where the best GPS source comes from, estimates the error then sends it to our app. Basically we've not got much control over the raw gps data & rely on Apple to do the number crunching & supply what it thinks is a quality fix. e.g. the Apple software can work out a rough position to within a few km's using cell phone towers. It would send this fix with a 2km error, which our app rejects.Its possible that when you tether the iPhone4, it downgrades the fix quality and our app is rejecting it. The google maps app shows any fix, regardless of error which is why that app always works.The best solution is to buy one of the bluetooth gps's as listed on our FAQ page. They are $99 and people report very good results with them (better than the iPad 3G GPS).

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