Better performance on fsx?


Sorry, my english isnt good.

I'm unhappy with my FSX frame rate. I'm getting 20-30 frames on default sceneries, 10-20 on medium add on sceneries and 4-10 on high addon sceneries. (I use a LOT of addons)

My specs:
AMD A8-3870k @ 3,0 GHz
Asus F1A75M LE Motherboard
8 Gigs of RAM DDR3
Nvidia GeForce GT 520 1GB DDR3

Also i using tweaked FSX.CFG
I'm upgrading my pc for get better frame rate. I'm thinking on buy a Nvidia 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5 and overclock my processor to 3,3 GHz/3,4 GHz. Also, i will use bufferpools=0 for better performance.

How much that will increase my frame rate?

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It's your video card that holding you back.
It's old and can be bought to $50 today.
You need one that has 2gigs and costs $150-$200 minimum.
You should have a power supply of at least 750w, a 1,000w would be best.
The card is the first thing to get.
With FSX you can lock your FPS at 20 and be happy.



The trick is to NOT use a lot of add ons if your system is being challenged by a mid range graphics card. Turn some of your sliders down, you probably wont even notice the difference, but your system will!

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