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Soar Virtual Airlines needs pilots!

Soar Virtual Airlines Guest

Hello FlightSim Community!,
You may or may not recall Soar Virtual Airlines. We opened in early May and closed half way through the month to completely redo the airline! Well, after about 3 months of development we are reopening! Below are the changes we made:

  • Went from a Google sites to phpVMS
  • Re-did our fleet
  • Better Repaints
  • Got a cusom domain
  • Website redisgn

Our Fleet contains the Boeing 717-200, Boeing 737-800 BBJ2, Eclipse 550, all with custom repaints. We are still an X-Plane VA only (hopefully FSX support soon). Our Features Include:

  • Pilot Shop
  • Exams to win money
  • Events
  • A Mail system that is website based and uses your pilot ID
  • and many more cool features!

We operate in the U.S.A, the Bahamas, Mexico, and St. Martin (French and Dutch). We have hubs in Denver, Colorado, and Miami, Florida. We have a race coming up July 20th and many more like it afterwards. Our website is:
We hope you will take the time to look at our website and consider joining us! We accept all pilots wether they be 10 year airline veterans, or they started yesterday!

Thomas Hawksworth
Soar Virtual Airlines CEO[/url]

thawkworth Guest

We just need a few pilots to get us off the ground! we have 0 currently

Soarvirtualairlines Guest

We Got Our First Pilot! We need more very badly!

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