FSX throttle issue

limaechoalpha Guest

Hi all!
I have a problem with my throttle: whenever I click "outside" of FSX, including on the FSInn control panel, my throttle moves out of its previous position.

I have to push the command full forward, then full back, then reset it. As you can imagine, this is very annoying, especially on the ground when my aircraft suddenly starts accelerating if I don't slam the brakes.
This happens when I click on the FSInn control panel (for example when changing squawk mode), or on any other window that isn't FSX.

Software: FSX (with FSInn), FSUIPC, Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (but same issue with other aircraft)
Commands: Logitech G940 kit (throttle, joystick, pedals)
System: Windows 8 (I know, shh.)

A friend of mine has the exact same specs and does not have any problem. Any suggestions on how to solve this?


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