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Airplane control in FSX Gold


Why don't I have control of the airplane when the ATC window is open and ATC is talking. Also, I seem to loose control of the airplane when turning "off" auto pilot? Lastly where can I find specific attributes to each airplane such as final approach speed?


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Thanks but not exactly what i was looking for.

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Dont Know Sorry, that's the way I understood it.

Maybe someone else will come along to help.


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Are you using a joystick to control the airplane? Are you using the multi-choice numbers when answering the ATC?
Are you noticing consistent results with all aircraft when you disengage the auto-pilot? Remember if you are using auto-throttle you need to disengage the auto throttle first - then disengage the autopilot.
Notice in [FlightSim]>>[Learning Center]>>[Aircraft Information] you will find info that you need. Also, whilst in the cockpit you can use the kneeboard Shift[F10] and see all the Refs in there.


Thank you very much i will check that out!

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