Vid that got me back into Simulation - Good to be back

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Hi Guys/ Girls,

Hope you all well.

Haven't been here for ages, hope Radarman and TTT are still polling the forums 🙂

Anyway I stumbled across a flying vid. that managed to spark an interest in the whole Simming idea all over again. I can't believe how much new products there are. Recently discovered the PMDG 777, is there anything else out there like it?

Here's a link to the video if you want.

Otherwise, I also wanted to find out seen as so much has changed. Is it possible to get large touch screen monitors for lets say one just for the pedestal and then overhead, autopilot etc... I'm struggling to find home made examples?

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Yep, still kicking.
Haven't heard from "Tom" for many years.
I never thought about dual touchscreen monitors, don't know if they would work for an old piece of software like FSX.
They would show fine but as for the "touch" Dont Know

Check this out.


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