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Soar Virtual needs staff! No experience needed!

Thomas_SoarVA Guest

for our upcoming relaunch we need staff! We have almost 20 positions open and are constantly adding more. We need everything from a CFO to Chief pilots, to administrative assistants. No experience needed, and we provide staff training so that if you want to start a VA career but have no experience, you can start here. Build up the knowledge you need, then stay with us, or move on to another VA. If you have experience, great! We need lost of staff so check out here for application instructions and open positions:

We provide a fun working environment that would please anybody. You can choose to do as little or as much as you want, contribute as much as you want. We have a channel on the Aeroflight TS3 server. If you sign up as an executive staff member, you get a sub channel, as you "office". You can have meetings with your peers or people who work for you. We also need administrative assistants. Each executive technically gets one, if we can hire one. As soon as we get enough staff, we will start paying staff with VA money. (ITS NOT REAL!) So please check us out, if you want a fun work environment, and or want to build some new skills!

Thomas CEO

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