Smoke and mirrors at Tanquary Fjord

Agent Orange Guest

I've tried the Pole to Pole expansion for the second time (but for the first time on my new computer), and had the same problem as on the old machine: The runway at Tanquary Fjord (CJQ6) actually seems to move across the landscape, which makes a precise approach impossible and a safe landing on the runway purely a matter of chance. (In fact, after this flight, I nicknamed CJQ6 "Deception Field"!) This is happening ONLY at Tanquary Fjord -- it doesn't happen at Alert (CYLT), even though that field is farther north. But the problem at Tanquary Fjord happened both on my old machine (HP TouchSmart with Windows 7) and on my new one (Dell XPS with Windows 😎. My question is, has anyone else experienced the same problem?

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