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anybody know which combat flight sims work with windows 8.1 please.

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Hi Platoon, further to my reply to you Re: IL-2 I am hoping that Windows 8.1 is the same as Windows Vista. Because if it is then I have some good news for you being a regular IL-2 Ultimate Edition user with Windows Vista on my PC. I only play World War 2-based combat flight sims and am aware of the following which are compatible with Vista: Air Conflicts. Combat Flight Simulator 3. Warbirds 2013. Dogfights 1942 - Available on STEAM. B-17: The Mighty Eighth. War Thunder and World of Warplanes which are downloadable from the Internet both work as well. Two which I know for sure do not work are Combat Flight Simulator 2 and Jane's World War 2 Fighters. Both of these were compatible with earlier editions of Windows but cannot be used with Vista. Gutted that Jane's PC game didn't work as I used to seriously enjoy playing that even if it was first released in 1997! Combat Flight Simulator 2 loaded up okay but soon after play commenced I had lost count of the number of display errors experienced. I hope I have been able to help you in some way 🙂

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