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TFLvirtual the new VA for you?!

TFLvirtual Guest

Dear pilots,

I am proud to present you the new virtual airline: TFLvirtual
I will explain you some things about the VA.
TFL is the ICAO code of Arke(fly) so basically we are their virtual airline.

-We have a modern fleet of 737, 767 and our pride the 787 dreamliner.
-Our 737 fleet has splitwinglets and sky interior.
-We have 2 new 787 on order.
-We have an Acars system and we fly on both IVAO and Vatsim. Ofcourse you are also able to fly offline.
-We use real flight schedules to keep the airline as real as possible.
-We have a new website (still working on it not yet finished).
-We have monthly events.

Would you like to fly for us? Join us now at[url][/url]

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