Help Needed with Adding New Scenery to my FSX

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I'm new to Fly Away and joined to upgrade the deafulkt of my FSX simulatior. Un fortunately I am having bo success in adding anything new.

I tried downloading the New Dubai International Airport Scenery. Tghis was successful and I unzipped the filke with ease. Then the instruction was:

"Place the unpacked OMDB folder in the "Addon Scenery" folder in your main FSX folder. After that start FSX and go to scenery library and add the scenery. Then close FSX and start it again"

I did that, followed the Add Scenery to my sim but no new scenery could be found.

I followed the following route: OMDB file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery

tghen onto my FSX for the scenery update. No joy. I thought I might have security issue and the laptop wouldn't allow me to add the file?

Any help hugely appreciated.

Yours in extreme frustration

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