Should I Load The Saitek Programming Software...???

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I bought a new Saitek Throttle Quadrant today (With A USB Connector) and installed the Drivers on the enclosed CD...
It asked me at the time if I wanted to download the Programming Software and I chose not to, as I seem to remember someone saying "Not" to, as there were some problems...???
Well I recalibrated everything because the Yoke, Throttle and Rudder Pedals would not operate...?
I programmed the buttons as I wanted on the new Throttle Quadrant and "Tested" it, but The Throttle Quadrant and Rudder Pedals will not work now...???
Should I re-set all the "Defaults" for all the Saitek Controls I have attached...???
My old Throttle Quadrant was the one that originally came with the Saitek Yoke & Throttle Package & PS2 connector, and everything worked fine...
*I bought a new Throttle Quadrant because a "Pin" broke off of the PS2 connector*
If anyone know of anything online or can help me at all, I sure would appreciate it as I`ve waited for 4 weeks to get the new Throttle and itching to "Fly"...!!!
Thanks in advance...

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Check their site and see if they have newer driver downloads than you have on your CD.
If so I would delete the old and in with the new.
Be sure to check that It's made for your operating system.

If you still have doubts email or call them.


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