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ALVA Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines 10 years still going stron


ALVA Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines Est 2004
We are a community of flight simulation pilots emulating the real world Aer Lingus Airline routes. We are an advanced and experienced Virtual Airline Since our birth and launch in 2004 ALVA has seen significant change over the years. We now bring a great flight reporting system as well as superb admin and back office items for you the pilot. We offer a great experience for all levels of pilots with our many tours and events all over the world. Maybe you think flying big commercial jets are a little out of your comfort zone. No need to worry we have a great flying club for VFR pilots to learn the trade or to introduce themselves to the art of flying slowly. We have a number of staff members to help you along the way to embarking n your first flight. We support IVAO and Vatsim online networks, however do not worry if you are not a member we offer the pilot offline reporting to. FSX FS9 and X Plane are supported with our software and we give you the opportunity to earn a virtual wage for your flight hours. A full breakdown on your flight is easy to access from fuel on board to how much cargo you hauled. Our website is always being updated to the very best standard with information always in date. Our forum is active although members love to use our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

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