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Looking For New Pilots To Join Our Highly Trained Organisation On The F-35, Eurofighter Typhoon, Heavy Cargo, awacs, AAR and Helicopters.

Are you Interested in joining a VA based on the Uk Military Structure, Flying A Fast Jet on FSX Online, With guidance from an AWACS onto an Enemy F-16, Formatting up with The A330 Voyager for an Air to Air Refuel with other member online? If so MODSIM are recruiting now.

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Welcome to Ministy of Defence Simulation the newest UK military virtual organisation for users of FSX

Simulating the operations of the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps and Fleet Air Arm, we aim to provide realism and fun within the confines of Flight Simulator. Ministry of Defence Simulation has a wide choice of squadrons and aircraft to suit all interests and experience levels. Our Central Flying School is recognised as providing the best virtual military training on the internet whatever your previous experience, non is required.

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