After fsx install unable to locate in PC

britvisc Guest

I installed FSX from the 2 CD pack as instructed. It works fine.
I needed to find fsx folder where cfg, a/c, scenery files are to make additions.
Ive tried searching and just cannot find the programme.
I guess it should be C:/games/fsx. Have tried many variations with no joy.
Sincerely appreciate any help and apologise for being a bit dim on the subject.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Go to computer on right side of menu.
Open the "C" drive/ go to program files (x86)/double click and it's in the folder/ Microsoft Games.


britvisc Guest

You are an absolute star.

This has bugged me for many years even in the FS2004 days.
Why couldnt the original download from the CD send it somewhere searchable or at least allow you to select a destination.

Please email me your address so I can send you the price of a pint 😂
and thank you again.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

😂 Glad that you have finally found a simple way of finding the Sim that MS tries very hard to hide.

Have a good flight!


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