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I used to fly FSX with Radar Contact 4.3 and an AI airlines program (forgot the name of it), and if course a weather engine. Now after nearly 4 years of blackout from FS I'm back, but first of all I have a couple of questions to start with, is there any major change with FSX? What is the most popular video card now that the simmers are using? I remember I used an over clocked 9800+, I'm sure it's already obsolete. My dedicated sim computer will be double the speed and ram of my previous one, my video card budget is $200, can push over a little bit...
Any input welcome, my appreciation in advance!!

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No major changes that I can think of.
The Acceleration Pack if you don't have it is the simple way of adding a few new items into FSX and also it works SP1 and SP2 patches in smoothly.

As for the cards, get at least a 1gig card, 2 if you can.
Go to the last post in this thread and work along until you see a card you can live with.


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