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hey guys I've been experiencing issues with Javier's Nimitz along side AiCarriers as when my aircraft is on the deck, the deck seems to shudder and when the carrier is in movement it regularly makes my aircraft bounce and sometimes jump.

Thanks for any any solutions or thoughts they are highly helpful .

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Reduce your ground texture detail slightly and see if it helps.
Let us know how you do.


Liam.H Guest

hi RadarMan i have fiddled around with the settings but no luck however i did find the source of the problem; when im on the deck of the carrier in the middle of the sea and i cycle through my camera views, the closet tower view starts loading all the autogen but when i cycle once more to see the tail view of the aircraft my plane bounces until about 5 seconds when it finally settles down.

so i left my texture on full and land texture box is on/ticked

thanks very much for your suggestion however the carrier still shakes and is there anyway to replace the tower view in the camera view cycle.

thanks liam.h

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I never used the tower view, no I don't remember how to eliminate it from the cycle.

Glad you fixed the other problem.


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