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FSX Virtual Blue Angels Recruiting!

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The FSX Virtual Blue Angels are now recruiting willing and able people. We have recently gone through tough times and many people did not have enough time to make the team thrive! We are really looking forward to some new recruits!

Since 2013, the FSX Virtual Blue Angels have been aweing aviation and flight simulator fans with our precision duplication of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels! As we aim to emulate the dedication and professionalism of the team. The maneuvers you will see demonstrated here today are coordinated tactical techniques developed by navy and marine corps pilots in both peace time training, and actual combat. These maneuvers are neither stunts nor daring feats but are refinements of basic techniques taught or every perspective naval aviator. We demonstrate the maneuvers at very low altitude in traditional blue angels formation so that you may see and take pride in the precise fashion in which your navy and marine corps pilots are trained to fly.

If you are interested,

please add me on steam or visit our teamspeak 3 at

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