Cleared to land on runway 5R....oh no! the runway's gone

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It's been a while since I was here the last time. First came my finals and then I went on vacation.....I know, I know internet is readily available all over but oh well, shame on me.
It's nice to be back.....happy new year to you all

So, down to business.
I have additional scenery for Mexico City airport and some others in the southeastern area of the country. However Mexico City, specially, was taking a big hit on my FPS so I decided to uninstall.
What a big surprise I had tonight when I came in to land and there were no runways, no terminal and just runway markings in the grass. Everything's gone; planes park at non existant gates and I of course landed in a nice grass runway in an International Airport! ILS was working just fine.
I of course blame it on my add-on a scenery......I have no idea (well maybe some but I don't wanna mess up my files even more) so I need some help. Hack

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It's possible that the add-on scenery overwrited some of FS9's scenery. You could re-install.

Backup yuour aircraft and other folders tho

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I got the same problem. It looks like I am walking on the runway 😂
There must be a problem with that ad on scenery.

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mako (makonnenl) First Officer

who is this guy. It is very frightening

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