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Hello everyone,

I am having a few teething issues with the ILS Approach.

So everything's fine until I see the runway in sight- every time I seem to approach any runway on a slight slant even though I have checked my Frequency and Course several times.

The APP disconnects the ALT hold which is excellent but at the moment I am crashing a few feet before the runway on an angle- why is this happening?

I would really appreciate it if someone could explain simply as I am most confused.

I am flying IFR and I select the heading ATC want- are they giving me a false angle?

I have watched endless YouTube Videos and Help but am still struggling. Am I also supposed to enter the approach into the GPS, I see some people do that?

Many thanks in advance.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Hi there,

I have watched lots of YouTube videos and followed that guide and I am still going wrong. Why am I going off course by a few degrees? I have the right course heading in.

Thanks in advance.

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