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Having been put off purchasing FSX SE by the many negative comments, I eventually decided to buy a copy. Following the download, and making the usual tweaks, it eventually seemed to run quite satisfactorily - until I hit a problem. My ISP decided to get rid of its landline broadband customers and push them onto another ISP. Of course, as soon as that happened, I could no longer access the Steam account - and this is where it got really tricky. Steam requires different P/w's for the main account, the Support account and the Forum account. Each one has a convoluted system of verification, and if you should happen to attempt access via another computer or iPad, Steam will send you message telling you that your system may have been hijacked. So, you send a "Ticket" for support (from your main computer), and they respond with a whole series of verification options, like Proof of Purchase &etc. The difficulty is that they then refer you to a section of headed problems that are FAQ-based and may or may not reflect your particular difficulty. Here, the process fails dismally. The Support Team no longer responds; they offer no "real" support; they do not answer any queries; and they provide no solutions.
The result is that you are stuck with a FS that you cannot access, the programme is removed from your library, and there is no way you can contact the company other than by a ticket - and the only way to send in a new ticket is to close down the open ticket. You try Valve, but apart from an initial response to let you know they'll be in touch, that's the last you ever hear.
Most helplines can be "iffy" at times, but in my experience Steam clearly has a deliberate policy of non-direct involvement; i.e. if you can't find the answer in the Forum, you're on your own!
If I were to advise anyone regarding FSX SE, I'd offer two alternatives: the first is to avoid Steam at all costs; the second is, if you do buy FSX SE, DO NOT GET INTO DIFFICULTIES, because Steam will not help you.

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I always own what I buy.
I don't put myself at the "generous" mercy of others.
Sorry that happened to you.

Check around the net for the Gold edition, then you decide when and if you want to "play" it.


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Lots of negative comments? I can find a few but it has overwhelmingly positive comments.

The best advice in the world of computing is to learn to solve problems yourself. Even if companies like steam had telephone support you would be speaking to someone with no knowledge of your software at all. You would be taken through a flow chart to solve the problem. Just cut out the middle man and use google to help you solve problems. The answer is ALWAYS out there.

It sounds like the main issue is that you expect a certain kind of support that just does not exist because it is not financially viable.

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I've been in your position a few times. It is a safety feature they have to protect our accounts. I know it seems drawn out , but if you follow the directions and have patience the system works. After you do all the requirements that they ask you to do, they will send a code via your email. This is where you need the patience. The code will come. I use to walk away for a couple of hours. Don't close anything. Leave everything open. When you get the code insert it. You then should be good to go. Hope this helps.

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