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I'm newbie to flight simulators , My setup is HP laptop win 8.1 ,I have the saittek X52 joystick and rudder pedal.
I have look on the internet in a number of places for any information on why the program FS2004 will go out of control
after you try flying a craft after about a minute into the program. I also try the program on another pc with win XP and
FS2004 has the same problem with the flight. I have read that a number of you flight sim operator are having the same
problem with the program and 1 out of 10 operator has no problem with the program at all. Why is this?
I though maybe the version or the built of the program. Did we all buy bad copy of the program ? Maybe find one flight sim operator that there program works correctly and sent blank disc to them and have a copy burnt..
Any one have any though? Please any info you have on correcting this fault in this program ,, ty

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Be sure to clean out the old joystick software drivers and go the their site and download new ones.
Do the same with your video drivers.



Thank You Radarman ,,, that help some on removing the old driver and installing new drivers. Still having issue with
the program or the controller, still needs work on the system . Still need some more info on what to look for , Ty

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Check on the net and see if there are problems with your flight equipment and W8.1.
A number of people are having problems with 8.1 not with 8.
That upgrade didn't seem to be the best.
Never fear, W10 should be out in a few will cure everything 🙄


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