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I hope I am using your forum correctly. Since I had to buy a new computer with windows 7 I have not had Flight Simulator for 2 years. I Have flightsim 5.1 in the box but it would not install on my machine so after searching I bought a copy of flightsimX thinking it the latest and greatest but it says to be installed on Windows XP. Oops, did I make a mistake? Can FlightsimX be installed my my windows 7 machine? Should I avoid opening the package and resell it as new? Can I use the older version 5.1 with some tweeking?
I miss flight simulator. Any thoughts or advice?? ❓

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Just guessing but I think trying to run Flight Sim 1 would be much to much trouble...if possible at all.

I am running FSX on W7 64 bit without any problems, you shouldn't have any either.
I hope you bought FSX GOLD not just Deluxe.
Let us know how you do.



FSX seems to be working fine, am back in the "saddle" again and yes it is deluxe gold edition. The graphics aren't fabulous but I am sure my machine is not optimized to run amazing graphics. What might I consider to make it prettier. thanks for the info.

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A good new 1-2gig video card, the best that you can afford will go a long way in making it run smoother (lock it at 20 FPS) and look prettier. 😂


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