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FlexJet Virtual Airlines is now accepting pilot applications

Brandon Ropson Guest

FlexJet is now accepting applications for 20 virtual pilot positions. FlexJet will officially be a fully functional, and operating virtual airline on June 30th 2015. Although we want to start small, we will plan on expanding very quickly, if the demand is there. If you want to apply now, so that you can fly as soon as June 30th hits, you may do so. As our website is currently in-operational, specific instructions are listed below for applying.

Step 1) Send us an Email with your full name. Your email will be responded to with a link to the pilot examination.

Step 2) Take the examination, your test results will be emailed to you, once we have had a chance to review them

Step 3) If you fail the examination, you are free to take it again. But you will have to send us your full name in another email. If you pass the examination you will later receive an email with your Pilot ID and your Password.

Step 4) Wait for the website to go live.

We hope to see you all in the skies soon

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