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Don't want to sound like an old teacher but long term I do not think it would help if I list the correct answers (what I think are correct!) to the questions appearing in other threads. If you just want to mess around with FS then you don't need to know why the answers are what they are. For serious simmers just ask....example: Why if the RW heading is 262 and the wind is 185 is it a crosswind?
Ask the question and it will be answered my most in full. I think this is a very important one to ask as there were several thoughts on this. Easy thing to do is look at a compass or make one on. Heading 262* put this at the top of the page, therefore 185* is to your left 262-185=77* which is very much a crosswind.
It is important to learn not only the answer but the reason why....pain in the A$$ short term, benefit in the long term!

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