737-200 with vc

Ondrej Guest

Hello guys, this is more or less a favor. I would like to ask people who create fsx planes, if they could create a 737-200 with te vc cockpit of a 737-800, I just want a 737-200 vc,dosent matter what cockpit it is (737-300,-400,-500,-600,-700,-800 or -900.) I dont want to buy captain sim or any other as it dosent work on my computer. I think I am not the only one who likes old planes such as the 737-200, 717, tu 104 or dc-8. And I know that there are people who would like have the 737-200 with a vc, but dont want to buy the captainsim as it is not fair that we have bought FSX with a limited amount of planes, and if we want any more we have to pay to get them. So I am just asking if anyone could try making it.

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Jay Levine Guest

I also agree , I like the 200 series it can get in to smaller airports, why not a VC for this aircraft
from : Jay ( N29X)

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