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VCVW-11 Recruiting VRS F/A 18 Aviators

VCVW11 Recruiter Guest

Greetings community,

We at the VCVW-11 virtual military community are currently recruiting aviators for the VFA 147 Argonauts to fulfill open positions available in the squadron. All new aviators will undergo a fun and intense training phase provided by our fleet replacement squadron VFA 122. All materials will be covered from basic HSI and instrument use to rigorous weapons training in the squadron.

The VCVW11 is one of the most if not, most active VRS powered squadrons on the internet. Our squadron is not weighed down by inactive virtual aviators and fly almost everyday. If you think your ready for a new and fun virtual military adventure, look no further as this air wing will be your final home.

Check us out at
and browse our website. Look at our VMS activity and it will speak for itself.

We provide;
One-on-one training to ensure flawless training ie Tanker/carrier connection, GPS targeting, Pop up bombing, correct use of weapons deployment/WP Steering and generating, ACM, and much more
Own and operate our FSX tac pack powered server running 24/7
Own and operate our Teamspeak 3 communications server
provide Kacars support to monitor your flight hours
Sophisticated training programs to make you the best of the best
Support in and out of the FSX community

I appreciate your time and hope to see you in the virtual pacific skies soon!

VCVW11 Receruiter Guest

We are closing out an excellent and progressive year and would like to share a video with the community. Enjoy

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