A trip around the world.

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Hello all. Been a long time since I posted in here. Been busy with gigs, and life and such.
One thing I did that I had wanted to do for a long time I was able to do. An Around the World trip, done in real time, online, point to point, and using real weather and routing.

You can go here to see the screenshots.

This trip started at KSFO and followed a flight path that would take me Southwest to and around New Zealand, across Australia, back on up through Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Across India, United Arab Emirates and spending Christmas in Tel Aviv, Israel.
From there we headed to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Down the East side of Africa and into Nosy Be, just off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Down around the southern tip of Africa and back on up the West side and around to the Cape Verde Islands. then up to Madeira Int'l (Funchal), across to Casablanca then into Gibraltar.
From there it was across the South of Spain and over into Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and back on into Moscow.
On up across Sweden and Norway to the top of the world at ENSB Svalbard Airport, Longyear for a noon landing in near total darkness.
Down across Denmark, and thru Germany to Serbia, across Switzerland and up thru France, England and then into Shannon in Ireland before crossing the Atlantic into CYYT.

Leaving Canada it was directly South to Bermuda and on thru Islands of the Caribbean sea to Guyana, then South to the very tip of South America at SAWH with stops along the way.
Then finally turning back North and heading up the West side of South America stopping along the way to SVMI and then across and up thru Mexico, finally ending where I started at KSFO.

I took off from KSFO on 11/08/14 and returned on 3/27/2015.
That is a total of 140 days, Or 4 months, 20 days, 66 countries, 154 Airports, 53999nm, 235 Total Flight Time

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