Help please ive downloaded a 737 with wing views but cannot get them
The install info tells me to open the config file and insert some text
When i open it all i see is gibberish
So my question is what do i open the file with

Thanks in advance

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Pro Member First Officer
rob (Habu) First Officer

Config files are .cfg files. Open them with Notepad and you will be able to edit them...A good rule is to first SaveAs and rename it to .cfg.old or something similar so you have a BU of the original before editing it. Good Luck, rob


😀 Thanks Habu
I can open them no probs but i can't understand it as all i see is a load of icons like little squares and stuff 😕
The instructions ive got to get wing views tells me to insert some text at a specific point so how do i decode this strange text to find this point

Thanks again

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