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I have run into a problem with FSC, FSX and ATC and cannot find any answer to this problem anywhere. The problem is this, I generate a flight plan in FS Commander from KABE to KPHL. The departure runway is 24 and I setup my aircraft at GATE 10 at KABE. When all is ready with the aircraft to depart, I contact ground control for departure clearance and they direct me to runway 6 rather than runway 24. Here is a copy of the flightplan from FS Commander:


As you can see the departure runway 24 is correct in the FS Commander flight plan. My problem is why does Air Traffic Control continue to direct me to runway 6 rather than follow the filed flight plan for runway 24 departing? I am not using any PMDG aircraft but a simple stock aircraft like the Lear 45 jet.

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You might try and see if you need updated software.


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Hi Radaman... Thanks for the response. I would be inclined to upgrade to version 9.6 if I knew this was the problem. If I had Volkers email address I would send this email to him and see if that is the problem. I am not sure if it is the FS Commander problem or the FSX program under windows 7. I wouldn't like to spend $40 to find out it is a flaw in the FSX program which of course could not be fixed if it is in the FSX installation software.

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Hi Radarman... I got a reply from Volker but it was about what I expected. In so many words he said to read the manual at pages such and such with reference to generating a flight plan. However, the problem is not in the generation of the flight plan but what happens after that when you place the aircraft at the airport gate. He sent me a pdf file with a photo to show that his ATC system was indeed directing the aircraft to taxi to runway 24. Now this is fine but what did he do to make sure ATC would direct him to the proper runway so designated in the flight plan after he generated the flight plan is the question. In FSCommander after you generate the flight plan you minimize FSCommander and run the FSX simulator and pick an aircraft and a gate. You then minimize FSX and call up FSCommander from the lower task bar which was minimized. You then select GPS which will interface FSCommander to FSX and a small display comes up. You minimize FSCommander again and then call up FSX and the small FSCommander display is shown overlaying the FSX panel screen. It's at this point where the problem surfaces, that is, you hit the tilde key to call up ATC and request taxi instructions and ATC tells you to taxi to runway 6.

This particular operation is not addressed in the FSCommander manual.

I suspect I might be doing something wrong when interfacing both programs but I cannot for the life of me find it. I don't believe the problem is FSCommander or FSX but some procedure that I am doing incorrectly so that ATC will direct me to taxi to the desired runway so designated in the flight plan generated by FSCommander.

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He was nice enough to answer, most are.
Reading what you said it seems that there are so many steps it's easy to miss or screw up one which grows as you go to the next.
Too bad, it seems like a good idea.
I believe there are similar programs but that would necessitate putting up more money when you already have this one.

Good luck, play with it and you will probably catch the one error.


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