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Good day my friends.

I have a question for the general community. I am looking to add some payware files to my FSX collection. I want to start with World War 2 German and British Aircraft. I had a Spitfire Mk XIV "Spiteful" for Fs2004 (freeware) and loved it! It wasn't quite payware grade but it was still very good work. I found the same file and tried to alter it with that bogus converter I found. Yeah, it flew and it sounded right but a big black box appeared right where the front canopy should be (post conversion) and the only way to get it out of sight was to tilt the exterior camera a certain direction and leave it there.

I'd like to find a Payware Warbird bundle that will give me a smattering of both German and British planes with German and British WW2 Bases to match.. possibly even find some add-on missions where one can go hunting for the other.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have an Amazon account but the last time I tried that approach was Abacus B-17.. absolutely horrible.

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This is a nice selection.

Abacus aircraft never "excited" me if you get what I mean.


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You can find FSX specific models here:

Ben Wisdom Guest

Hey Flyaway,

Thanks much for the good advice. I'll check them out tonight. I probably won't be able to add everything I want in one package but I don't mind doing things one step at a time.

Sure wish I could've fixed those Lightnings I downloaded but I don't think it would hurt to look for a Payware P38.

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