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Just wanted to drop a quick hello to everyone from the Pacific Northwest. I'm just getting back into dabbling in flight sims for the first time since the old Jane's series (F-15 & AH-64). I've been a long time fan of military aviation, which led to some time in the USN working on jets after high school. I'm an also an avid auto enthusiast, and have gotten pretty heavy into sim-racing as one of my primary hobbies.

I picked up an inexpensive flight stick (Saitek X52) a while back but haven't done much with it. I just purchased FSX through Steam this past weekend for a quick sample to see if I could get it to work w/o too much fuss...and did. I did a couple short flights later w/ the base F/A-18 for testing. Afterwards I poked around at the enormous amount of add-ons created by the community (very similar rFactor in those regards). Like rFactor, quality varies, but hey you can't complain about the price. Then I found some models from Dino Cattaneo... 😳 After some quick YouTube reviews, I decided to download and see if I could install them. I snagged the T-45C, F-14D & S-3B for starters as those aircraft are from my active duty era. I've only circled NASWI w/ the Tomcat (to verify the install) and a short hop from NASWI to CFB Comox in the Goshawk so far. I was looking at possibly picking up a couple payware birds due to not being content enough w/ what I had been able to find...but that's not the case here. I'll probably be good w/ these for quite some time. I'll probably kick Dino a little donation come payday, as these are above & beyond any freeware I've seen so far, and if I can help out in some little way I'm good with that. Besides, I'd really like to see the Typhoon he's working on come to fruition. Though I am still tempted by Razbam's A-7D/E Corsair II & Virtavia's B-1B Lancer (though that beast if down the road after I get more proficient at "smaller" aircraft). After seeing Active Sky Next in action on a couple of flightsim481's videos, I pulled the trigger on that last night. Holy crap, what a difference that made!

I knew the flight sim community was large, but what blew me away was the amount of "peripheral" support there is. I stumbled across a route planning site (SkyVector) and have been having a blast plugging in routes and general surfing/looking. I've actually got a flight plan figured out to fly the Goshawk from NASWI to RAF Lakenheath via the North Atlantic. To say I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment is a bit of an understatement. 😂

I still need to try to get my triple monitors working right. Initial queries point to changing a line in a cfg file...but for whatever reason I don't appear to have said file in either location I've seen mentioned so far. So I'll need to do more digging into that...possibly requiring a wipe and re-install of FSX. At least I don't have many flight hours to loose! And w/ only 3 birds & a NASWI add-on, those won't take long to reinstall as I still have the zip files, so I don't even have to re-download those.

Back to the shadows to lurk and try to absorb some information. This site is certainly quite a resource. Cheers.

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Got my triple issues sorted. Found another thread for finding the "hidden" AppData folder utilizing Notepad. I was then finally able to modify the fsx.cfg file for widescreen. Worked like a champ. 😀

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