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lowest specs game can run effectively with?

mjinoz Guest

Hi all,

I have one main question. What is the lowest specs the game can run effectively on? by effective i mean the game play is smooth. If the graphics are turned down but the game runs smooth then that is still effective to me.

Also one other question is if you play online do you ever have other online players fly past you in the air?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Don't know the answer to the first question RadarMan or TTT will help you on that. But, yes, in multiplayer you can fly with other people. There are servers with people in, which you can join, and they are all flying somewhere in the world, (They will tell you when you enter) or type ?where in the multiplayer dialogue box. This means you will all be together and fly with each other, and get right up close to each other 😀 😀 😀

mjinoz Guest

Thanks heaps for replying 99jolegg. wow that multiplayer stuff sounds very cool. If someone has got a computer that isnt that great id love to know how the game runs for them.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's a lot easier if you tell us what you have and we can tell you how well it'll run.

These are MS's minimum spec.

Windows PC
2000/XP 128 MB Ram
98/Me 64 MB Ram
Processor:450 MHz minimum
Available hard drive space:1.8 GB
DirectX 9 or later (included with Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight)
Video card: 8 MB/3D with DirectX 7.0 or later drivers
Other: mouse, joystick/yoke, sound card, speakers/headphones
Online/multiplayer: 56.6 kbps modem or LAN


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