Throttles Creeping Back

NByz-Stack Guest

I just recently purchased FSX Steam Edition. I'm using a Saitek X-55 joystick and throttle.

For the majority of the time, the stick and throttle work fine. But every 4-6 flights, it's like there is another input that is forcing my throttles back. Each time I set my throttles to full, they creep back on their own. I can slide them back, then forward again, and they respond properly, but I need to do this every 1-3 seconds to maintain full power.

I am pretty sure i disabled the joystick throttle mapping... and i repeatedly hit the keyboard key that is bound to the throttle settings to ensure it's not stuck down.

What could be causing this?

Also - what is the name of the key binding for visual zoom? It seems to be bound to + and - by default, but I'd like to map it to my joystick.

Thanks in advance.

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