ATC Menu acting up?

Kenneth Hart Guest

I've been using Computer ATC (I play in Single Player only) for my flights and a common problem is that ATC will tell me to tune to a frequency but the option below the chatbox is different. For instance, ATC will say "Boeing 37T contact Allentown Approach on 119.65" I will acknowledge the handoff, but then the box below is telling me to tune New York Center on 133.150, not Allentown Approach on 119.650.
I've been trying to use the radio stack but it seems useless, as the active frequency is not the one on the bottom of the ATC Menu.
What do I do in this situation?

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Kenneth Hart Guest

Sorry, but I set the flight plan to IFR, so that didn't help

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See if this tutorial or answered questions are of help.


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