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Hey Radar, any suggestions for an autopilot issue I am having. I am flying default aircracft and do not fly online. When flying the Beechcraft Baron 58, and after engaging the AP, i notice the yoke is turned either left or right and the rudder pedals are pressed in the same direction. Once the AP is disengaged, the plane violently turns thst direction and will not allow you to turn back. This seems to happen in every flight. Any suggestions? Planning on trying the Cessna 172 tomorrow to see if it does it as well.

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There are a few reason that this could be occurring, and the first thing I would do is reinstall the fsx and ACC and do a file repair, the reason for this is your missing the updates from the takeover of steam on the programs, ansd whether you like it or not they are going to update the opening pages and do therir best to get you to convert. I would then attempt to check and see if the autopilot works. You need to update thru a reinstall the new fsuipc . That you can attain by doing the search and it will bring it up to his site. Make sure before you do any of this that the aircraft actually has autopilot, and just because it does say so check to see if there are updates. You must set your flight data and plan into the program and set coordinates in some aircraft in others you hit ap and youre on, others , forget it, some have many settings as level flight etc., Always make sure that you place the files in the correct order and make sure its a cut and paste then there is no error. As a note be very careful of a freeware ALPHA aircraft carrier download. Whether or not it has a malware uninstaller, and if you use that uninstaller it will remove every single cfg file a d all files concerning anything that flies drives or operates in the system, the uninstaller came on screen and wiped out 530 aircraft and helos as well as 238000 files that went with the system. If yoyu have it and want to uninstall do it manually. Personally I use a DOD eraser and incinerator from IOLO System Mechanic Specialist. This is the best site to direct youre questions to, youll get a quick accurte response. Good Luck. Semper Fidelis Pantera 0317 MAW/AFFTCDET3?RetPns

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