some fsx problems


im currently having a few problems with FSX,

1. turning left and right during pushback, 1 and 2 not working

2. virtual cockpit view, i can't go down to centre console so that i can change frequency quickly while flying

3. rudder cpntrol, the rudders seem to be doing what they want. if i try to go to the left, it goes right and if i go the the right it goes left, also, sometimes the rudder wont turn at all or the rudder will stick the the right or left,
I have recently downloaded files from not sure if thats whats affecting it,

If anyone knows how to solve these, please tell me ASAP, as i want it fixed ASAP. thanks

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If it was running fine before you downloaded those Flightsim files delete them, reboot and see if that helps.
Run free version, run it after installation and see if that helps.


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