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Good morning
Just getting into simulation, purchased Virtual pilot 3D (hope it was a good decision). My question to you good folks is about hardware, should I go with yolk and pedals or joystick and pedals?
I appreciate your input.

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This may be worth a read:

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Hi Rob,
I myself am new to Flight sims and just starting out after spending 14 years in eve-online mostly as a CEO ( it became more of a job than a game ).
ATM am using the Thrustmaster T,Flight HOTAS X which works very well and i would give it 9 out of 10 given its price ( £34 ).
And is compatable for most Flight Sim / Games.
Next month or 2 i will be changing to a Yoke and a few extra's.
I guess it all depends on how much time your going in spend in game and how much your willing to spend cash wise.
Also youtube has alot of information on products and testing results.
So maybe start small and build it up from there.

Hope my little input helps you out .

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