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Saab 340 Aircraft Missing Instrument Pannel

DavidP Guest

Hi Guys,
I often fly as a passenger on a Saab 340 B, and figured I had better learn my way around the cockpit in case I'm ever called upon to "Help Out" 🙂 I found the air craft here on this site and installed it no problem into FS 2004.

When I ran it I didn't have any instrument panel view. Just the out of the window.
I spent ages fiddling around with keyboard shortcuts before I realized it was broken.

I investigated the config files and found one that said something like Alias=Boing737.
(sorry I'm away from that computer at the moment and don't have the exact details)

I just copied the files from the Boeing 737 folder into the Saab folder and the 737 cockpit was displayed. Immediate problem solved but I'd like to have a more accurate replication of the actual cockpit if possible.

I have searched around and found lots of re-paints of the outside for different airlines but not a lot of detail on the instrument panels.

Can someone give me a clue if fixing this is possible?
I.e. how to locate the actual cockpit files.

How are these instrument panels constructed?
Would it be out of the question to try and construct my own?

Thanks in advance for any assistance and I appoligise for my lack of detailed folder and file names.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

See if this one has the panel you want.

Build your own (not that easy).


Davidp Guest

Hi RadarMan,
That was the one I installed.
I'll check out the link re creating a Pannel. I am a professional programmer so I may have some hope. All depend If I have enough time and some instructions I can understand.

Thanks for replying.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Good luck building the panel, since you are experienced you should be able to.
Let us know how you do.


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