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I wanted to give you an update on Fedex Express Virtual ( We are now in business 3 months and are up to 65 pilots who have joined with us to fly. If your looking for a Great Cargo VA, one that carries the most respected name in the Cargo World, please look us up at We are starting a first of it's kind CAT1/CAT2/CAT3 Certification Program very soon. WE will also have a Charter/Ferry Division for pilots who wish to fly routes of their own making. The ACARS system is one of the most trouble free systems that you will ever fly freeing you up to focus on your flight. We have already had several Fly In events that are coordinated with VATSIM ATC and we have plenty more coming up. An active Team Speak Group and a great team of pilots to spend time with. Please come join us. WE are accepting new applications now.

Virtual at (Updated 3/17/16)
Best regards,

Mike Tabb-VP Administration

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