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what i'd like to see in the new simulator

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Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:59 pm 

- bugs free
- 64 bit
- ability to easily transfer all the add-ons from the current FSX
- better environment at airports, such as passengers boarding the plane (most can be done with GSX but I'd like to see actual passengers boarding the plane)
- Realistic crashes, example if ditch in the water for emergency or if you crash during landing etc..
- Ability to shot and destroy if flying with a military airplane, would be good to have separate military mission etc..
- Cabin crew intercom system to passengers and cockpit, this makes flying even more realistic
- Speed up the loading time.. for example, if you load a particular scenery the first time, don't see why I have to wait the same time loading it again on my next flight..
- Realistic coast lines, including beaches, resorts etc... But I guess that's what ORBX is for !
- Realistic ATC and emergency procedures
- SIDs and STARs for all airports and ability to update the latest info for free.. I don't see why I have to pay for that !
- Improve on the Eye-Candy (streets, cars, lights, traffic lights, waves, thunderstorms, snow, rain etc...)
- Improve shadow inside the cockpit, such that when turning the plane you can see the sunshine moving around the cockpit

And everything else everyone else said....
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